Vivaldi Release 1.3.551.30 – Linux & Windows

ViValdi 終於更新了,等了好久…



  • 主題擁有無限可能的變化性
  • 更優異的滑鼠手勢
  • WebRTC的應用與隱私
  • 針對Linux用戶的修復BUG
  • 更新至Chromium 52.0.2743.117



[Windows] Changing from all user install to standalone install after selecting a new install dir, changes the install dir back to default VB-18965
[Windows] Previous destination folder in installer to show when opening the “Browse" VB-19103
[Mac] Page is zoomed at the same time it is scrolled VB-19308
[Mac] Swipe gestures only work with two fingers and not with three VB-15310
[Mac] Unable to use keyboard symbols on keyboard cheat sheet search VB-7635
[Mac] When you put a YouTube video in full screen (if already in full screen), Vivaldi removes the top bar VB-18027
[Mac][Spatial Navigation] Shift+Enter does not open a link in a new background tab page VB-14865
[Linux] Certificate details fall of screen if URL bar is at the bottom VB-15464
[Linux] Make H.264, AAC and MP3 work more reliably on Ubuntu and derivatives: accept more versions of chromium-codecs-ffmpeg-extra VB-19573
[Linux] Middle clicking on home and reload buttons pastes selection VB-20098
[Linux] Support H.264, AAC and MP3 on OpenSUSE and Slackware if suitable libraries are available: Use libs from chromium-ffmpeg and AlienBob’s Chromium package VB-17174
[Linux][URL] autocompletion overwrites clipboard content VB-5437
[Linux][URL] Middle clicking tab also paste in url field on linux VB-18887
[Linux][Tabs] Enable support for tab hibernation VB-19406
[New feature] Add support for customisable UI themes VB-12726
[New feature] Middle click to navigation buttons (Home, Reload, Back, etc.) opens in new background tab VB-16771
[New feature] Allow Speed Dial as homepage VB-10491
[New feature][Gestures] Adding to list of mouse gestures commands: Scroll Top, Scroll Bottom, Scroll Page Up, Scroll Page Down VB-18639
[New feature][Privacy] Allow the disabling of IP broadcasting setting for WebRTC
[New feature][URL] A setting so that search suggestions work only when using search engine nickname VB-19129
[Bookmarks] Icons without title on bookmark bar are not centered VB-10236
[Bookmarks] Import bookmark from Vivaldi doesn’t import nicknames VB-17454
[Bookmarks] Wrong focus and text styling in Import Bookmarks dialog VB-19415
[Crash] On Webcam access from web panel VB-15318
[Crash] TripAdvisor Check In / Check Out red fields cause Vivaldi to restart VB-20106
[Crash] While loading a PDF in internal Chromium PDF Viewer VB-19695
[Crash] When opening New Private Window with setting “about:blank” to open new tab VB-18263
[Crash] Join Chrome Extensions by crashes Vivaldi upon installation VB-18010
[Focus] Focus gets lost from input fields after pressing Enter while typing Japanese VB-19108
[Focus][Tabs] Selecting tabs in stack is difficult because of menu bar taking focus VB-10501
[Gestures] Saving a blank gesture still possible – after moving out of draw area VB-18422
[Gestures] Prevent empty gestures VB-16908
[Gestures] Better scroll gestures response VB-12624
[Keyboard] ⇧⌘P/Ctrl+Shift+P only works in print preview VB-3765
[Keyboard] ⇧⌘V/Ctrl+Shift+V (Paste and Go) doesn’t work in search field VB-5650
[Keyboard] Make Alt+Enter work in search field
[Keyboard] “Detach tab" and “Downloads panel" are the same (⇧⌘D/Ctrl+Shift+D): detach is unmapped now but still mapable VB-19394
[Keyboard] Escape does not cancel JavaScript dialogs VB-12353
[Notes] Insert Note into editable fields VB-7411
[Performance] Animations should be faster when opening lots of tabs in short succession VB-18840
[Performance] Improved performance related to i18n VB-9025
[Performance] Downloads take up a lot of CPU VB-19346
[Performance] Downloads in progress caused unnecessary repaints of the whole UI VB-19905
[Performance] Opening “Privacy" and “Display all" causing lag / freeze on a slow pc VB-18953
[Search field] Dropdown close when window loose focus VB-19210
[Search field] Pressing Esc in search field doesn’t move focus to web view VB-19198
[Search field] Shows suggest results after loosing focus VB-19211
[Security] Address Bar URL spoofing: Thanks to Miguel Ángel Jimeno Arce (Twitter: @migueljimeno96) for the report VB-19616
[URL] Address field drop-down cannot be dismissed by click on UI VB-18696
[URL] Ctrl+Enter autocomplete fails with addresses with hyphens or dots VB-13114
[URL] Delete key doesn’t delete the end of the URL in address bar when typing VB-18126
[URL] Does not restore on reload after being deleted VB-19275
[URL] Drop down does not disappear when pressing Tab VB-19164
[URL] Drop downs should close when opening quick command VB-19104
[URL] Improved url field selection handling VB-18926
[URL] Missed protocol when copy links with port number from the address field VB-14281
[URL] No option to color progress bar and URL bar VB-14158
[URL] index of autocomplete should be at cursor position VB-3562
[URL] Wrong decoding and encoding when editing in the URL bar VB-18021
[Spatial navigation] Indicator should hide on mouse click VB-18936
[Spatial navigation] Hyperlinks spanning multiple lines are not marked VB-18999
[Tabs] Increased stacked contrast VB-18346
[Tabs] Close the last tab didn’t close the window VB-17707
[Tabs] Disable Tab Bar resizing with Tab Thumbnail mode OFF VB-16326
[Tabs] Hibernated tab is still listed as hibernateable VB-19408
[Tabs] Improvement of New Tab Page options VB-17410
[Tabs] Remove option to close pinned tab through context menu, with don’t close pinned tab enabled VB-19035
[Tabs] Tile widget in status bar can be behind tabs VB-19310
[Tabs] Uncontrolled jumping if you close a tab VB-19301
[Web panels] Adding/removing web panel opens it also in other windows VB-14452
[Web panels] Add Web Panel dialog clipped VB-19983
[Web panels] Expand panel to a tab VB-18773
[Web panels] Handle middle-clicks on panel buttons VB-12632
[Web panels] with Extensions page added, clicking Options crashes Vivaldi VB-13933
[Zoom] Zoom slider and number do not highlight when hovered VB-19119
[Zoom] Page zoom prevents viewing full image VB-4581
[Zoom][Touch] The UI scale slider doesn’t react to touch events VB-8449
[Zoom][Keyboard] Ctrl+Scroll can be initiated after releasing Ctrl VB-20095
Added animation when loading thumbnail in Speed Dial and tab thumbnails.
Default favicon is now responding to color variables VB-18806
Autoupdate notification window forces topmost state VB-14233
Cancelled fast forward on space with any modifier VB-16475
Change Bing favicon to comply with MS guideline VB-19006
Clicking search suggest or item in typed history doesn’t search VB-19208
Deactivate Search Suggestions in Private Windows VB-19271
Disabled experimental Chromium Field Trial tests VB-18996
Double-click on Speed Dial buttons and folders unnecessarily opens “Add bookmark" dialog VB-17406
Fix default value for pinned page VB-17907
Pressing the “delete all cookies" button should give a warning if no cookies are present VB-9790
Private window with corner rounding looks broken VB-18667
Unable to find thumbnail settings VB-15073
Updating thumbnail notification icon looks irregular VB-18566
Updated Chromium to 52.0.2743.117



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