Vivaldi Release 1.4.589.11 – Linux & Windows



  • 可依照時程改變主題
  • 使用Chromium 53



[New feature] [Themes] Theme change scheduling (VB-20445)
[New feature][Trash] Let middle-click on Trash icon restore recently closed tab (VB-20624)
[Regression] [Mac] Escaping fullscreen crashes vivaldi (VB-20886)
[Regression] History entry in URL dropdown cannot be deleted (VB-21017)
[Regression] Can’t delete history on search box if the entry is too long (VB-16086)
[Regression] Vivaldi crashes when denying web notifications after leaving the website (VB-20855)
[Regression] Tab not displayed on tab Trash list if closed on Speed Dial (VB-10032)
[Fixed] Bookmark bar folder is not removed from toolbar when deleted (VB-20804)
[Fixed] Bookmark added twice after confirming with Enter (VB-15345)
[Fixed] Add Scots Gaelic to installer and settings (VB-20992)
[Fixed] Resizing panels pushes right-placed tabs (VB-20839)
[Fixed] Search in notes does not look into URL field (VB-16919)
[Fixed] Drop URLs on Tab Bar or individual tabs (VB-1369)
[Fixed] Auto-update fails with non-ASCII character in user name (VB-20771)
[Mac] Gestures don’t work in Settings in a tab (VB-20258)
[Mac] Tab stack indicator not visible if native window is used (VB-12504)
[Mac] Top bar lost in full screen state when switching tabs (VB-20156)
[Bookmarks] Panel – no collapse after pressing left arrow key on subitem? (VB-16434)
[Bookmarks] Import of Bookmarks from Firefox fails (VB-20401)
[Bookmarks] Add bookmark pop-up looks wrong (VB-20276)
[Bookmarks][URL] Matching bookmarks do not show up in URL field drop down (VB-20705)
[Notes] Adding an attachment to a Note is impractical (VB-20603)
[Notes] Panel not keyboard accessible (VB-10240)
[Panels] Add configurable buttons to Web panels and separate resize to all panels (VB-20503)
[Panels] Let web panels delay loading until activated the first time (VB-20595)
[Spatnav] Can’t select Righmost “Login" button and leftmost “Vivaldi blog team" is not reachable (VB-13014)
[Search] After pressing enter in search field, dropdown flickers (VB-20746)
[Search] Can’t delete search field typed history (VB-20744)
[URL] Autocomplete on Vivaldi URLs in URL field (VB-19107)
[URL] Do not add invalid URLs to typed history (VB-19106)
[Zoom] Create setting to disable zooming with CTRL/CMD + scrolling (VB-20069)
[Zoom] Maximum Zoom with Scrollwheel is 300% (VB-17298)
Differentiate visually Stable vs Snapshot version (VB-20253)
Can not reopen tab from menu (VB-20402)
Cloned tab appears after active tab not cloned tab (VB-20188)
Closing a Fullscreen Video with CTRL+W should also exit from fullscreen mode (VB-15127)
Context menus do not show up in settings page (VB-20289)
Creating a new bookmark/notes folder does not set focus in the name field (VB-20072)
Default webpage zoom is not respected in private mode (VB-20351)
Find in page quick command does not focus search field (VB-20706)
Keyboard shortcut for clearing browsing data does not work (VB-20666)
Loosing chars if quickly typing into find in page (VB-19532)
Center images (VB-3193)
Middle-click does not open link in background in History (VB-3250)
“Open in new window" on bookmark folder creates multiple windows (VB-5492)
Option to open session in new window (VB-14386)
Page accent color always gray in private tabs (VB-19964)
Panel opening movement improvement (VB-17688)
Panels stuck at minimum width, no more dragging possible (VB-20295)
Prioritize meta-theme-color and dominant colors for UI colorization(VB-19956)
Related tabs are sometimes placed at the end (VB-20411)
Releasing the mouse button over Speed Dial folders opens them (despite not clicking on them) (VB-20130)
Saved passwords are not reflected in privacy settings (VB-19929)
Search engine order is incorrect in search dropdown field (VB-20681)
Search suggest for yandex not working (VB-14070)
Simplify color picking algorithm for tabs (VB-20255)
Tab UI is still overlapping the panels in certain themes (VB-20542)
Theme color not applied in private mode (VB-20409)
URL scheme is inherited from previous URL (VB-19788)
Wrong shortcut action if Ctrl+PgUp and Ctrl+PgDwn is defined (VB-16444)
Zooming and tab switcher activate on too many shortcuts (VB-20282)
Upgraded to Chromium 53



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