Cacti 1.1.7 Released


還沒安裝過的可以參考:CentOS 7 安裝 Cacti

已經安裝過僅是想更新的可以參考:Cacti Server 更新步驟






  • 更新語言(荷蘭)
  • 更新PHPMailer至5.2.23
  • 輸入輸出資料時,支援搜尋類型
  • 使用get_cacti_version(),降低網頁的資料庫調


  • issue#470: Enhance Cacti’s SNMP function and Data Query XML, add hex|string|guess
  • issue#653: Devices with empty sysNames are not added to discovered devices
  • issue#655: Data source not displaying device name
  • issue#658: Scheduled Reports (type “tree") not working
  • issue#662: Sending test Email should optionally bypass ping
  • issue#667: In Classic theme initial view of Tree view broken
  • issue#669: Invalid SQL Messages when upgrading to Cacti 1.0.5
  • issue#670: Validation error when you do “Change Graph Template" in Cacti
  • issue#672: Cacti unable to enable snmp notification receiver mibs
  • issue#680: Sort order in Time Graph View
  • issue#687: Cacti DB access not compatible with PHP 7
  • issue#696: Multiple issues with snmpagent notification UI
  • issue#699: Add custom error handler for ping functions
  • issue#704: Fix GUI issues for Graphs not belonging to a device
  • issue#707: Back button not working
  • issue#708: Issues finding lib/snmp.php in host disk functions
  • issue#712: Change Graph Template dropdown invalid
  • issue#717: Allow ajax callbacks when adding non-templated graph items
  • issue: Reports were not using Cacti’s permission system for checking access
  • issue: User Admin page reported wrong permissions at Tree level missing some i18n as well
  • issue: Short data_name can cause data collection issues
  • feature: Updated Dutch language
  • feature: Updating PHPMailer to 5.2.23
  • feature: Support input-output Data Query types
  • feature: Introduce new get_cacti_version() to reduce database calls on pages


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