Cacti 1.1.9 Released


有空,就趕快更新來體驗一下新的Cacti Server吧

Linux Server 安裝 Cacti Server

Cacti Server 更新步驟





  • 能夠加入功能到當下執行用戶
  • 增加站點時區的自動完成速度
  • 除了經典主題外,其他主題可自訂色彩ID
  • CLOG 時間戳記新的格式化可從設定定義
  • CLOG 資訊可在輪詢日誌文件出現

1.1.9 完整的ChangeLog:

  • issue#788: Fails on PHP Fatal error if LDAP auth enabled

1.1.8 完整的ChangeLog:

  • issue#529: Issue on Graph New page with checkbox unselected
  • issue#552: Minor selectable row checkbox issue
  • issue#577: Dragging multiple items causes the tree to refresh too early
  • issue#617: Correct poller timeouts when no devices are associated with active data collector
  • issue#706: Classic external link template images missing
  • issue#726: Undefined variable in upgrade script
  • issue#728: Resolve issues with jQueryUI empty dialogs
  • issue#731: Add class to radio button labels to correct display issue
  • issue#736: Sequence numbers not visible when editing templates using modern theme
  • issue#739: Graph Titles missing on aggregate graphs
  • issue#740: Spacer manipulation broken after update to responsive forms
  • issue#741: Errors in dsstats with very large RRDfiles with more than 60 data sources
  • issue#748: Search results are not cleared on Aggregates
  • issue#754: Default Language for user and system are not set on new installation
  • issue#755: RRDtool Graph Watermark is incorrect
  • issue#756: Resolving some translation issues
  • issue#763: Template Export not functional
  • issue#765: Validation error when viewing Utility View
  • issue#771: Editing a report renders no options after creation
  • issue#780: Preview always shows thumbnails in reports interface
  • issue: Hide Aggregate system cdefs when editing graphs and graph templates
  • issue: Updating Utility View zoom was not updating table data
  • feature#723: Convert Data Source dropdown to autocomplete when editing standalone graphs
  • feature#735: Allow color selection in graphs and templates to be autocomplete
  • feature#753: Preliminary support for RRDtool 1.7.
  • feature: Add function to obtain the current execution user
  • feature: Implement Site timezones as autocomplete for performance
  • feature: For themes other than classic, make color id selection autocomplete
  • feature: CLOG timestamp is now formatted as defined in settings
  • feature: CLOG can show loginformation from rotated logfiles


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