Cacti 1.1.14 Released & 1.1.15 Released


1.1.14 & 1.1.15




  • 調整圖表採用響應式設計
  • 導入文字變為隱藏項目
  • 加入升級程式測試

1.1.14 完整的ChangeLog:

  • issue#849: Unable to select host in Graph Item pick
  • issue#850: Reporting not allowing Non-templated Graphs
  • issue#858: Pagination on SNMP Options wrong
  • issue#860: Network Discovery Subnet Range character limit too small
  • issue#861: The search filter does not support Cyrillic
  • issue#862: Automation – When editing Graph Rules, unable to Change Data Query
  • issue#863: Typo error in auth_login.php for LDAP authentication
  • issue#867: Cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability in auth_profile.php
  • issue: Link’s not showing in Automation Graph and Tree rules on Sunshine theme
  • issue: Make Templates Export responsive
  • issue: Don’t wrap menu glyphs and menuitems
  • issue: The function get_order_string() can fail when encountering reserved word columns
  • issue: Data Query Delete is not using callback
  • feature: Resize Graphs on Graph page to be responsive
  • feature: Make import text a hidden field as it is likely seldom used

1.1.15 完整的ChangeLog:

  • issue: PHP Fatal Exception on upgrade from 1.1.11 or earlier
  • feature: Added test to detect install upgrade code problems


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