Cacti 1.1.16 Released






  • 修正issue

1.1.16 完整的ChangeLog:

  • issue#865: Escape Data Query arguments to prevent issues with special characters
  • issue#872: Can’t add device items to graphs generated with no device and no template
  • issue#875: When modifying Realm permissions, realms that are listed multiple times don’t stay in sync
  • issue#877: Improving resolution to issue#847 and one additional vulnerability
  • issue#878: Ambiguous language in purge log function
  • issue#879: SQL Error when adding a report item to a report
  • issue#880: Device drop down is limited to 20 devices and lacks a scroll bar
  • issue#885: Graph generated with no device and no graph template forgets device definitions
  • issue#886: Unable to export templates other than Device templates
  • issue: Address additional corner cases around get_order_string usage
  • issue: Data Queries sharing a Data Source can result in poller output table not empty errors
  • issue: Fix Sunrise theme to properly theme multiselect widgets
  • issue: Increase height of multiselects so that more options are visible
    issue: When a graph is locked, anchor tags are still functional


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