Cacti 1.1.20 Released






  • 錯誤修復

1.1.20 完整的 ChangeLog:

  • issue#920: Issue with scrollbars after update to 1.1.19 related to #902
  • issue#921: Tree Mode no longer expands to accomodate full tree item names
  • issue#922: When using LDAP domains some setings are not passed correctly to the Cacti LDAP library
  • issue#923: Warninga in cacti.log are displayed incorrectly
  • issue#926: Update Utilities page to provide more information on rebuilding poller cache
  • issue#927: Minor schema change to support XtraDB Cluster
  • issue#929: Overlapping frames on certain themes
  • issue#931: Aggregate graphs missing from list view
  • issue#933: Aggregate graphs page counter off
  • issue#935: Support utf8 printable in data query inserts
  • issue#936: TimeZone query failure undefined function
  • issue: Taking actions on users does not use callbacks
  • issue: Undefined constant in lib/snmp.php on RHEL7
  • issue: Human readable socket errno’s not defined
  • issue: Audit of ping methods tcp, udp, and icmp ping. IPv6 will still not work till php 5.5.4


Release Notes – 1.1.20


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