Cacti 1.1.29 Released






  • 錯誤修復

1.1.29 ChangeLog:

  • issue#871: Allow Nth Percentile and Bandwidth Summation to respect ‘Base Value’ in template
  • issue#965: Duplicate error message and incorrect error code when using LDAP authentication
  • issue#1084: Graph Tree Branch not properly populating when editing report item
  • issue#1104: Datetime formatting in developer debug mode incorrect
  • issue#1106: Template Filters has empty row
  • issue#1109: URL used in redirection when referrer already has parameters in it
  • issue#1110: Add CPU Total to ‘SNMP – Get Processor Information’
  • issue#1111: PHP NOTICE when using LDAP authenication
  • issue#1116: Filters not allowing “None" or “All" when editing report item
  • issue#1119: Reduced amount of data fetched for CPU usage to just the data used
  • issue#1121: Bandwidth summation not using correct locale
  • issue#1122: Fix issue with local login / potential password problems
  • issue#1128: Resolve php warning when raising messages
  • issue#1130: Fix logging level issue where logs of same level as setting where not logged
  • issue#1131: Make upgrade_database.php use same version compare as /install/ system
  • issue#1133: Fix issues with variable name and debug log
  • issue#1141: When viewing graphs from list view, pagination causes list view filter to be cleared
  • issue#1143: ss_host_cpu.php – Division by zero / Invalid Return Value
  • issue#1146: Installation now checks URI path matchs with configuration option URL_PATH
  • issue: Updated Graph pagenation and filter reset
  • issue: Resolve issues with cacti_version_compare() processing
  • issue: Zoom context menu stays open after zoom out actions
  • issue: Paginator object was not always translated


Release Notes – 1.1.29



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