Cacti 1.1.35 Released






  • 錯誤修復

1.1.35 ChangeLog:

  • issue#114: *all_max_peak* percentile calculations incorrect
  • issue#430: Pressing Back often fails to work as expected
  • issue#564: Fail to move items in graph template as desired
  • issue#981: Hyperlinks for Data Profile stats
  • issue#993: Realtime not working on remote pollers for certain data query
  • issue#1244: Errors importing templates with deprecated hashes
  • issue#1251: Allow zoom out through mouse mmiddle button
  • issue#1281: Max OIDs setting is for bulkget and not bulkwalk operations
  • issue#1286: Correct CHUNKED_ENCODING error when retrieving graph with some browsers
  • issue#1306: Graphs are not always refreshed properly
  • issue#1309: Provide meaningful authentication errors in graph_json.php and graph_image.php
  • issue#1310: Return button fails on change password page
  • issue#1315: Realtime not working on local data collector
  • issue#1316: CDEF Item Value dialog does not update creating items
  • issue#1319: Front end + remote poller – connection timeout issue
  • issue#1321: Use RRDtool pipelining functions within DSSTATS
  • issue#1323: Enhance form layout for readability
  • issue#1329: Spelling errors in automation_networks.php
  • issue: Validate regular expressions if specified in add_graphs.php
  • issue: Ensure compression levels are consistent when importing package


Release Notes – 1.1.35



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