Cacti 1.1.36 Released






  • 可以在 View Data Query Cache 搜尋 snmp index
  • 擁有預設的設備範本
  • JavaScript【c3.js 更新至v0.4.21、jstree.js更新至3.3.5】
  • PHPSecLib 更新至 2.0.10
  • 荷蘭語翻譯優化
  • 錯誤修復

1.1.36 ChangeLog:

  • issue#934: Template names missing in graph management list
  • issue#1211: CDEF and VDEF Item Edit do not use correct procedures
  • issue#1250: Language support does not support localization properly
  • issue#1331: Log Rotation should occur at midnight on system
  • issue#1334: Console->Users->(Edit) Permissions checkmark descriptions missing
  • issue#1336: Debian test suite reports php error
  • issue#1338: Allow automation to be run in debug mode from GUI
  • issue#1339: First graph of second page does not render
  • issue#1340: Unable to open Time Graph View in new tab
  • issue#1348: Toggle context menu of Zoom
  • issue#1351: Errorimage does not render on systems without GD ttf support
  • issue#1353: New installation without config.php silently throws errors
  • issue#1355: Single tree can have the order of the tree changed
  • issue#1357: Data Profile disable fields shown temporarily as editable
  • issue#1359: Settings page generates error for removed plugin tab
  • issue#1362: DSStats Avg/Peak function broken due to change in RRDtool processing
  • issue#1365: Plugin Management enforce folder name
  • issue#1366: Improve error/info message display
  • issue#1380: Potential failure when updating script type
  • issue#1384: When installing/enabling plugins, current user and admin should get permissions
  • issue#1386: form_selectable_cell() ignores width if no style_or_class is passed
  • issue#1389: Poller is including plugins that are not installed
  • issue#1390: Plugin uninstall should prompt user before removal
  • issue#1396: Prevent installation/uninstallation of a plugin if dependency is present
  • issue#1397: Distinguish between plugin tabs and core tabs in settings
  • issue: Allow dynamic setting of from name when emailing
  • issue: Data Query Cache filter layout more consistent
  • issue: Minor plugin permissions format change
  • issue: Implementation of error handling causes errors creating New Graphs
  • issue: Deprecated DDStats setting removed
  • issue: Graph context menu items are now context aware
  • issue: Validate spine path before allowing enabling of spine
  • issue: Errored settings fields now highlighted correctly on error
  • issue: Add the Default Device to the Default Tree at install time
  • issue: Secpass password verification error message unuseful
  • feature: Searching of SNMP Index in View Data Query Cache now works
  • feature: Presets now have default device Template
  • feature: JavaScript library c3.js updated (v0.4.21) / jstree.js (3.3.5)
  • feature: PHPSecLib updated 2.0.10
  • feature: Updated Dutch translations


Release Notes – 1.1.36


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