Cacti 1.1.37 Released






  • 改善翻譯-簡體中文
  • 改善翻譯-荷蘭文
  • JavaScript 函式庫 Chart.js 更新至 2.7.2
  • 允許 snmp 檢測 UTF-8 輸出

1.1.37 ChangeLog:

  • issue#274: Allow Realtime Graph Popup Mode
  • issue#1405: When Data Query columns are wide, they cause rendering issues
  • issue#1414: DSSTATS reports incorrectly that a data source does not exist
  • issue#1419: Filtering log results in errors in the log
  • issue#1420: PHP NOTICE editing cdef and vdef items
  • issue#1421: CLI upgrade_database.php PHP Warning on execution
  • issue#1426: Remote poller erroring attempting to verify files
  • issue#1432: Delete confirmation does not disappear
  • issue#1443: Partial Save warnings under Settings -> Mail/Reporting/DNS
  • issue#1447: CLI audit_database.php not detecting database name, and failed to create audit tables when run fresh
  • issue#1453: CLI add_graph.php not allowing title to be set
  • issue#1456: Increase minimum php version maintaining support for RHEL6
  • issue#1457: Path-Based Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) issues
  • issue#1458: Error in logs when creating new graphs
  • issue#1459: Automation filter not applied correctly
  • issue#1461: Setting output_format on input type causes no values to be returned
  • issue#1464: Poller stuck in infinitely loop causing excess logging
  • issue#1466: No scrollbars in mobile browsers
  • issue#1468: Increase max length of host.snmp_sysObjectID column
  • issue#1471: Undefined function found in global_languages.php
  • issue#1472: Change Device Options – Style needs updating
  • issue#1474: Check possibility for creation of temporary tables on install
  • issue#1487: Undefined constant in ldap.php
  • issue#1489: Add ability to use parts of OID as value via regex
  • issue#1483: Create New Graphs – Paw Styling Issue
  • issue#1493: Can’t create tree branches with ‘#’ sign
  • feature: Updated Chinese Simplified translations
  • feature: Updated Dutch translations
  • feature: JavaScript library Chart.js updated 2.7.2
  • feature: Allow snmp formatting functions to detect UTF-8 output


Release Notes – 1.1.37



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