Cacti 1.2.0 Released


應該算是 Cacti 的大改版…可以參考以下文章如何進行安裝設定


CentOS 7 安裝 Cacti Server

Cacti Server – 新增監控設備

Cacti Server – Client 端設定





1.2.0 ChangeLog:

  • feature: Add a Timeout setting for Remote Agent calls
  • feature: Add Graphs and Data Sources hyperlinks on Device page
  • feature: Add One Minute Sampling to the default Data Source Profiles
  • feature: Add support for DDERIVE and DCOUNTER to Cacti
  • feature: Add Timezone support for Remote Data Collectors
  • feature: Allow Adding Aggregate Graphs to a Report
  • feature: Allow ASCII filepath paths to not be found on settings save
  • feature: Allow drill down from Graphs to Data Queries or Templates
  • feature: Allow Import/Export to be hookable
  • feature: Allow snmpagent to be disabled for very large installs
  • feature: Allow Top tabs to be Glyphs or Text or both
  • feature: Big Spanish translation update plus massive QA fixes
  • feature: Change password page provides visible confirmation of password rules
  • feature: Do not allow second data source to be added to an SNMP Get data template
  • feature: Don’t allow removal of Data Sources from Data Template once its in use
  • feature: Inform the primary Cacti administrator of problems by Email
  • feature: Make all user settings dynamic and allow resetting to default.
  • feature: Make Graph and Data Source suggested naming more efficient
  • feature: Make it easy to find Data Query based graphs that have lost indexes
  • feature: Make Top Tabs use Ajax Callback
  • feature: Make tree editing responive
  • feature: New Install/Upgrade user permission to limit access to being able to upgrade
  • feature: Provide option to debug width errors where output exceeds column width
  • feature: Removed the Authentication Method of ‘None’
  • feature: Tree automation is now defaulted to on for new install
  • feature: Update JavaScript library c3.js to version 0.6.8
  • feature: Update JavaScript library Chart.js to 2.7.3
  • feature: Update JavaScript library d3.js to version 5.7.0
  • feature: Update JavaScript library jquery.js to 3.3.1
  • feature: Update JavaScript library jquery-migrate.js to 3.0.1
  • feature: Update JavaScript library jquery.tablesorter.js to version 2.30.7
  • feature: Update JavaScript library jstree.js to 3.3.7
  • feature: Update JavaScript library screenfull.js to 3.3.3
  • feature: Update phpmailer to version 6.0.6
  • feature: Update phpseclib to version 2.0.13
  • feature#289: Allow external nologin access for Realtime Graphs
  • feature#553: When display a host, include Aggregated Graphs as well as standard graphs
  • feature#614: Allow users to duplicate Data Input Methods
  • feature#973: When creating a new user authenticated via LDAP, attempt to retrieve users email and full name
  • feature#122: Support a Site Branch Type
  • feature#1060: Design Enhancement for Large scale Cacti Implementations
  • feature#1142: Add Site dropdown to the Graphs and Data Source pages
  • feature#1184: Improve Data Input Methods editability and message handling
  • feature#1200: Aggregate Graphs can now include COMMENT
  • feature#1282: Email notification for Automation Network discovery process
  • feature#1347: Update automation logging to work better
  • feature#1395: Ensure messages have each new line keep the same prefix in cacti_log()
  • feature#1399: Allow ‘requires’ to include version against a plugin
  • feature#1400: User settings are now dynamic and can be reset (removed) to return to global settings
  • feature#1422: Automatically select the next unused data input field when clicking add on data input method
  • feature#1505: When displaying a graph, provide breadcrumb link to edit device
  • feature#1527: Update Fontawesome from 4.7 to 5.0.10
  • feature#1580: Support Drag & Drop for Builtin Report Items
  • feature#1581: Allow Mass Adding of Graphs to Reports
  • feature#1584: Allow theme selection when installing
  • feature#1588: Check that PHP can run a test file
  • feature#1593: Allow External links to auto refresh
  • feature#1597: Ensure synchronised files have same attributes as originals
  • feature#1610: On Unix, redirect error messages to log files when running external scripts
  • feature#1628: Allow the User to define an initial Automation Network for discovery when installing
  • feature#1670: Improve Graph Management to show type of source for a graph
  • feature#1671: When duplicating a Graph Template, properly duplicate Data Query Graph Template Mappings
  • feature#1677: Default Tree nodes sorting to be inherited
  • feature#1691: On Graph context menu, add a ‘Copy graph’ option to copy graph image
  • feature#1692: Separate option for logging Input Validation issues
  • feature#1703: On Graph context menu, text is now multi-lingual
  • feature#1708: Allow the User to override global Automation email recipients at the Automation Network level
  • feature#1709: Suppress warning from RRDTool when attempting to make updates in the past
  • feature#1711: Add support for SSL connections to MySQL
  • feature#1731: Prevent loss of changes by warning user about unsaved items
  • feature#1734: When displaying a graph, provide more information when error image is displayed (see also #1428)
  • feature#1763: Enable automatic refresh for Time Graph View
  • feature#1806: Control low level debug routines via config.php (Develoepr Use)
  • feature#1819: Provide CLI program to enable graphs to be removed by scripts
  • feature#1969: Graph previews can now be linked using a host’s external id
  • feature#2006: Introduce new Data Source Profile to handle decade long graphs
  • feature#2173: Introduce Device and Graph Template Caching to Speed UI
  • feature#2228: Add Device ID to Device search field
  • issue: Fix issue with display_custom_error_message() causing problem with system error message handling
  • issue: Graph List View was not fully responsive
  • issue: Move Graph removal function to Graph API
  • issue: On the Data Sources page, if there is no filtered Device and a Data Source is edited, device association is lost
  • issue: Typo in Dutch translations when an error occurred while downgrading
  • issue: Unable to display user profile tabs
  • issue: Verify all Fields not working due to Cacti 1.x upgrade error
  • issue#186: Cacti does not support jQueryUI 1.12.x
  • issue#187: Remove the use of jQuery Migrate plugin
  • issue#948: Do not create a new datasource when adding a new Graph for the same device/field
  • issue#454: Cacti Re-Index does not resolve index changes properly during re-index
  • issue#983: Import Template Preview is misleading
  • issue#1097: When copying template user, newly created user should always be enabled to allow logging in
  • issue#1097: When copying template user, it should be disable to prevent logging in as template user directly
  • issue#1174: When display a tree, disable drag and drop unless in edit mode
  • issue#1298: Display fatal error to prevent issues caused when system log is not writable
  • issue#1350: When switching an Automation Tree Rule’s leaf type, remove invalid Automation Rule Items
  • issue#1383: CSRF Timeout does not obey session timeout
  • issue#1408: Update SQL / Backtrace to use new clean_up_lines() function
  • issue#1414: DSSTATS reports incorrectly that a data source does not exist
  • issue#1420: Fix issues found by Debian package builds
  • issue#1421: Fix issue when SQL had all bad modes, missing variable warning was generated
  • issue#1426: Fix issue where remote poller was not using unique filenames when attempting to verify files
  • issue#1437: Plugin install hover message sometimes shows line breaks rather than formatted text
  • issue#1454: When using oid_regexp_parse, filter indexes to those that match
  • issue#1473: Recovery Date overwritten by subsequent checks
  • issue#1494: Unable to Deep Link/Bookmark Trees
  • issue#1503: Undefined function clearstatscache in DSSTATS
  • issue#1507: When saving graph settings from the graph page, the graph template id should not be included
  • issue#1510: New Graphs Undefined Variable $graph_template_name
  • issue#1521: Force boost to be enabled when there are Remote Data Collectors
  • issue#1528: Saving a device can result in WARNINGS related to string vs array handling
  • issue#1529: Allow Aggregate Graphs to Sum Bandwidth and Percentile COMMENTS
  • issue#1543: Graph Preview appends header=false too many times
  • issue#1553: Poller does not set rrd_step_counter correctly if no steps taken
  • issue#1559: CLI Output Issues due to over escaping
  • issue#1560: Warning that escapeshellarg() is escaping a null
  • issue#1567: Technical support – add notification if Cacti and Spine version is different
  • issue#1574: User templates are not correctly being applied
  • issue#1589: Installer now checks that the temporary folder is writable
  • issue#1590: User Admin generates SQL error if user is not part of any groups
  • issue#1601: Aggregate Graphs can not include some classes of COMMENT
  • issue#1602: PHP ERROR: Call to undefined function api_data_source_cache_crc_update()
  • issue#1604: Failed to connect to remote collector
  • issue#1606: Boost debug log not functional
  • issue#1607: Boost next run time occurs in the past
  • issue#1608: Possible boost race conditions
  • issue#1609: Remote pollers update ‘stats_poller’ on main poller
  • issue#1617: Editing a data query results in missing $header variable
  • issue#1621: Realtime Popup can cause automatic logout
  • issue#1626: httpd-error.log have message about Fontconfig
  • issue#1634: Default snmp quick print setting resulting in false poller ASSERTS on some php releases
  • issue#1651: Check temporary folder has write access during import
  • issue#1655: Correct Cacti to handle new MySQL 8.0 reserved word `system`
  • issue#1658: Devices drop down should be filtered by Site
  • issue#1660: Reports based upon Tree don’t maintain graph order
  • issue#1665: Must change password not working for local users when main realm is not local
  • issue#1669: Console log header grammar issue
  • issue#1674: Threads and Processes values not migrated to Poller table during upgrade
  • issue#1676: Allow automation discovery to add the same sysname on different hosts
  • issue#1682: Slow Select Statement lib/api_automation.php
  • issue#1689: Technical Support’s RRDTool version should show detected RRD version
  • issue#1690: Report a warning if the default collation is not utf8mb4_unicode_ci
  • issue#1700: Mail sent without auth causes errors to appear in logs
  • issue#1710: RRDtool create command causes first update to fail
  • issue#1721: Console Side Bar not correct on first login
  • issue#1723: die() messages should include PHP_EOF for better logging
  • issue#1726: Poor page performance editing a Graphs Graph Items
  • issue#1746: Poller with no hosts does not exit until timeout is reached
  • issue#1761: Graph Management page shows bogus template names
  • issue#1783: Browser Back button still does not working
  • issue#1796: Import: Fixed handling of references to objects not included in file
  • issue#1799: Default User log sort should be date descending
  • issue#1810: Correct SQL errors with authentication set to no authentication
  • issue#1839: Dummy cosmetic bug on down device selection option
  • issue#1841: Data Source Stats table not properly migrated from pre 1.x Cacti plugin
  • issue#1849: SNMPAgent not sending traps
  • issue#1852: Reports Preview/Mails show no graphs
  • issue#1889: Insecure $ENV{ENV} which running setgid
  • issue#1901: Upgrade from 0.8.8h fails on external_links statement
  • issue#1921: Data Query XML field method ‘rewrite_index’ does not correctly query for value
  • issue#1926: Deselecting items should present warning or disable GO button
  • issue#1948: Device Template should warn about need to re-sync
  • issue#1953: set_default_action() should warn if more than one action provided
  • issue#1973: SpikeKill Menu does not display properly
  • issue#1976: Default admin permissions do not allow everything
  • issue#1982: Certain hooks should occur within api functions rather than UI functions
  • issue#2002: api_plugin_db_table_create should support non-string defaults
  • issue#2012: For kernel 3.2+, “Linux – Memory – Free" should grep for “MemAvailable:", not “MemFree:"
  • issue#2085: CLOG Regex Parser does not verify registered function exists
  • issue#2126: api_device.php generates undefined function poller_push_to_remote_db_connect()
  • issue#2127: Unable to save error when duplicating graph
  • issue#2135: api_tree_lock() and api_tree_unlock() forcing redirection incorrectly
  • issue#2143: export.php Illegal string offset ‘method’
  • issue#2144: Device Management “Status" column does not sort properly
  • issue#2152: When editing a device, should show disable/enable option
  • issue#2153: Utilities page issues the wrong hook for tabs
  • issue#2163: LDAP functions are not consistent
  • issue#2164: Login page does not remember selected realm
  • issue#2171: datepicker and timepick translation not available
  • issue#2178: Header/Footer included more than once
  • issue#2182: Graph View missing ‘html_graph_template_multiselect()’ function
  • issue#2184: html_host_filter() does not handle host_id consequently
  • issue#2186: Boost generates invalid SQL during on demand update
  • issue#2188: SNMP timeout errors are being duplicated
  • issue#2191: i18n_themes is not properly primed in global_arrays.php
  • issue#2202: Can’t create more than one graph with add_graphs.php from one template
  • issue#2207: Removing Graph Template does not Remove Data Query Associations
  • issue#2217: cmd.php not handling quoted snmp values properly
  • issue#2240: SNMP system Data Input Methods should not be modified on import
  • issue#2241: Spike removal not functional due to Debian packaging
  • security#1072: Prevent exploitation of Data Input Methods to escalate privileges (CVE-2009-4112)
  • security#1882: Bypass output validation in select cases
  • security#2212: Stored XSS in “Website Hostname" field
  • security#2213: Stored XSS in “Website Hostname" field – Devices
  • security#2214: Stored XSS in “Vertical Label" field – Graph
  • security#2215: Stored XSS in “Name" field – Color


Release Notes – 1.2.0


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