Cacti 1.2.4 Released





1.2.4 ChangeLog:

  • issue#2523: Send A Test Email stops working under PHP 7.3
  • issue#2589: Missing RRD file can cause DSSTATS to throw errors
  • issue#2590: When installing, chosen language is sometimes lost
  • issue#2591: Menu selection does not always match selected page/section
  • issue#2592: When viewing an aggregate graph, ‘Display graphs from this aggregate’ option does always not work
  • issue#2593: Unable to migrate aggregate graphs to matching aggregate template
  • issue#2598: Creating an aggregate graph without associated template causes RRDtool error
  • issue#2599: Creating/Updating an Aggregate Graph to use LINE/STACK’s generates invalid SQL statements
  • issue#2604: When adding a dataquery, SQL errors can be generated
  • issue#2605: When installing, checking database tables can cause errors
  • issue#2608: db_update_table() function should not require an engine type or comment
  • issue#2609: When updating from earlier than 1.2, timezone column might not exist
  • issue#2610: Data Sources troubleshooter generates warning that each() function is deprecated
  • issue#2612: When RRDtool fails to initialize, DSStats generates lots of warnings
  • issue#2618: ifAdminStatus in snmp_queries/interfaces.xml
  • issue#2621: File paths that accept blanks are not allowing blanks
  • issue#2622: Various undefined variables generate errors within database.php
  • issue#2623: When using form_text_area(), invalid HTML can be generated
  • issue#2627: Some filenames can be lost in log file selection list
  • issue#2629: When upgrading, ldap library is not loaded properly due to incorrect paths
  • issue#2632: Automated Networks are not being properly replicated to additional pollers
  • issue#2635: When running automation scans, database connection should be forced to central database
  • issue#2638: Support disabling PHP SNMP extension by mhoran
  • issue#2645: Some URLs are incorrectly calculated
  • issue#2649: Automation not creating graphs when there are custom items
  • issue#2650: Several undefined variables are generating warnings
  • issue#2662: HRULE objects broken in some cases
  • issue#2668: Trailing parentheses are removed from the SNMP system description
  • issue#2672: Cacti Install on Windows Fails
  • issue#2676: Skin paper plane not working on iPhone XR
  • issue#2678: Call to undefined function _() in data_queries.php
  • issue#2679: Users with passwords that do not meet complexity requirements are not redirected to the Change Password page
  • issue#2680: Remove deprecated $php_errormsg usage
  • issue#2689: Increase boost maximum memory limits
  • issue#2693: Graph links do not contain URL path causing links to fail
  • issue#2698: Avoid duplicated icon in the main.js of all themes
  • issue#2699: Login option “Show the page that user pointed their browser to" does not work properly
  • issue#2702: sqltable_to_php.php does not always generate valid table data arrays
  • issue#2707: Some pages that have permission errors dont raise proper messages
  • issue#2712: PHP memory should be unlimited in scripts that need more memory than the default
  • issue#2713: SNMP System Description with UTF8 strings properly are not properly parsed
  • issue#2718: When links are converted to ajax calls, mailto links should not be included
  • issue#2720: When calculating percentiles, the value is incorrect as the steps are not placed in correct order
  • feature#2538: Allow users to change default method of removing data sources when deleting graphs
  • feature#2539: Allow users to set the default graph lock status
  • feature#2540: Allow users to enable/disable graph tree history
  • feature#2646: Allow application of automation rules on CLI by rb83
  • feature#2654: New hook to notify plugins of user profile changes (‘auth_profile_update_data’)
  • feature#2664: Add option to purge spikekill backups
  • feature#2701: Provide option to continue graphing objects that loose their index
  • feature#2704: Device and template cache do not refresh properly


Release Notes – 1.2.4



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