Vivaldi Browser Release 2.8.1664.35 , For Linux,Windows, & MAC





Vivaldi 2.8: Inspires new desktop and mobile experiences


  • 【書籤】鍵盤導航新增至書籤選單
  • 【書籤】書籤管理介面的欄位寬度可調整
  • 【鍵盤】新增鍵盤快捷鍵載入圖片

Changelog from 2.7.1628.33 to 2.8.1664.35:


•[New][Bookmarks] Add keyboard navigation to bookmark menu bar (VB-55365)
• [New][Bookmarks] Manager columns width should be resizable (VB-2238)
• [New][Bookmarks][Menu] Add support for hovering across horizontal menu or the bookmarks bar (VB-14300)
• [New][Keyboard] Toggle images via keyboard: Ctrl+Alt+Shift+I / ⌥⌘I (VB-12944)

Address Bar

• [Address bar] Can not remove items from the typed history (VB-57319)
• [Address bar] Colon and a space in a search string would trigger navigation (VB-48208)
• [Address bar] Dot and a space in a search string would trigger navigation (VB-54990)
• [Address bar] Field contents not aligned (VB-55952)
• [Address bar] Pressing Esc doesn’t select the original URL (VB-56040)
• [Address bar] Searching for http(s) was not possible (VB-56567)
• [Address bar] Shift-Del on drop-down not working reliably (VB-54086)
• [Address bar][Bookmarks] Names in multi-byte characters don’t get autocompleted (VB-55925)


• [Bookmarks] Can’t tell folders and bookmarks apart when bar is set to “text only” (VB-50511)
• [Bookmarks] Cannot create a bookmark with Enter key (VB-55841)
• [Bookmarks] Custom folder images set in Speed Dial are not visible in panel and manager (VB-56657)
• [Bookmarks] Editor doesn’t update when data changes externally (VB-56295)
• [Bookmarks] Freeze on creating a bookmark with invalid URL (VB-56459)
• [Bookmarks] The spacing on the bar is too wide (VB-56989)


• [History] Bad header highlight when holding mouse button on Date column (VB-36954)
• [History] The number of selected files are not shown with select “All” option (VB-38739)
• [History] View search field not focused (VB-55981)


• [IME] Pressing Space and Delete evokes autocomplete (VB-57300)
• [Keyboard] Shift + F3 + hold Cycle broken (VB-54334)


• [macOS] ⌥ (Option)-Clicking window does not minimize all windows (VB-51684)
• [macOS][Bookmarks] Reduce spacing in bookmark bar context menu (VB-55983)
• [macOS][Fullscreen] Top part gets hidden by showing menu in Native Window mode (VB-46868)
• [macOS][IME] Pressing Delete after a space selects the whole text (VB-57355)
• [macOS][Quick Commands] Nothing happens when you try to quit (VB-52752)

Reader View

• [Reader] Often removes the author and date (VB-55220)

Spatial Navigation

• [Spatial Navigation] Use Shift+Arrows with the Chromium/Blink implementation (VB-55775)

Speed Dial

• [Speed Dial] New default bookmarks replace user defined folder (VB-56416)


• [Sync][Notes] Duplication: To benefit from the change, all synced clients must include this fix (VB-57285)

User Profiles

• [User Profiles] Chromium logo in the management dialog (VB-54643)
• [User Profiles] Warn when deleting the active profile (VB-54512)


• [Windows] Pin to Taskbar breaks shortcut (VB-52406)
• [Windows][Keyboard] Add support for F10 with the menu bar (VB-57235)
• [Windows][macOS] Vivaldi does not check if it is the default browser on startup (VB-55597)


• [Sounds] Manually muted tab becomes unmuted when it becomes active (VB-56457)
• [Crash] Ticking ‘Block ads on abusive sites’ with private window open crashes (VB-56994)
• [Zoom] Page zoom rate doesn’t always follow your default setting (VB-56833)
• [Zoom] controls inactive after tab reloads (VB-53720)
• Prevent restart loop if UI dies quickly (VB-51539)
• [Welcome page] Sync subpage in Private window stuck at “Getting current status…” (VB-43213)
• Simpler UI for crash recovery (VB-56704)
• Upgraded Chromium to 77.0.3865.78



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