Vivaldi Browser Release 2.10.1745.21 , For Linux,Windows, & MAC





Vivaldi 2.10: No strings attached


  • 即使是完全相同的 Engine,但 User Agent 含有 Vivaldi 的情形下,即讓部份網站其無法正常運作,因此拿掉了 Vivaldi 的字樣
  • 主題色彩與系統色彩同步

Changelog from 2.9.1705.41 to 2.10.1745.21:


  • [New][User Agent] Only set Vivaldi/Version for,|com,, and|net VB-60585
  • [New][Themes][Settings] Add a theme scheduling option to follow operating system light/dark theme VB-59849
  • [New][Quick Commands] Keep text in input field if command not executed: Settings → Quick Commands → Keep Last Entered Value VB-58811
  • [New][Keyboard][Bookmarks] Support for focusing the bookmark bar: can be mapped as a shortcut VB-59807
  • [New][Extensions] Horizontal extension-popup instead of vertical extension-popup VB-60392


  • [Accessibility] Focus does not go to password popup VB-4077

Address Bar

  • [Address Bar] Context menu is delayed on right click with lots of notes VB-58379
  • [Address Bar] Hidden bottom address bar is on top (when focused) VB-59116
  • [Address Bar] Hostname with an appended slash is not recognized as URL VB-59972
  • [Address Bar] Nickname search requires two spaces to show nicknamed icon VB-55619
  • [Address Bar] Progress bar goes from right to left when adding content to existing page VB-60699
  • [Address Bar] URL is not focused when “Settings → Tabs → New Tab page → Specific Page” is set VB-59976
  • [Address Bar] Unsafe script references in the blocked content dialog are misleading VB-59357
  • [Address Bar][Mac] Right-click selects text in Vivaldi VB-37269
  • [Address Bar][Regression] Focus not in the address bar in private windows VB-59372
  • [Address Bar][Regression] Should support drag-and-drop editing VB-60069
  • [Audio] It is impossible to unmute an inactive tab playing a video (music on YouTube) VB-51450


  • [Bookmarks] No “Date added” column/ “Sort by Date Added”: it can be toggled from title row context menu VB-53043
  • [Bookmarks] Panel toolbar displays ‘needs upgrade’ VB-60695
  • [Bookmarks] Tree sorting button tab stops should follow Full Key Access VB-17472

Dev Tools

  • [Dev Tools] Audit is broken VB-47497
  • [Dev Tools] Undocked dev tools should have the URL of the inspected page in the title bar VB-60032


  • [History] Manager says 0:00:00 in List and Day Views when OS language is Japanese VB-60147
  • [History] Week number in manager should be locale aware VB-57025
  • [History][Bookmarks] Sorting arrows are the opposite of what they should be VB-25098
  • [History][Regression][Mac] Popup buttons move to left after hitting Delete VB-60549


  • [Keyboard][Accessibility][Panels] Allow use of use arrow keys to navigate the buttons on the toolbar VB-60201


  • [Notes][Themes] “Go to address” button has incorrect colors in dark theme VB-60605
  • [Popup] Title bar is blurred VB-45975

Quick Commands

  • [Quick Commands] Enabling both “Keep last entered value” and “open on nickname match” makes QC otherwise unusable VB-59872
  • [Quick Commands] History search can be very slow VB-60573
  • [Quick Commands] Text is kept after a command is executed VB-59965


  • [Settings] Gesture mapping column can collapse VB-8008
  • [Settings][Search] It is not obvious how to save the default VB-60550

Speed Dial

  • [Speed Dial] No immediate feedback after a link is clicked VB-58111
  • [Speed Dial] The border of the highlighted thumbnail is cut off when using rounded corners VB-60581
  • [Speed Dial] Unable to open an entry in a new private window using the context menu VB-59418
  • [Speed Dial][Sync][Regression] Loss of user-defined thumbnails VB-60519


  • [Sync][Settings] Sync button does not go to the sync section if settings is closed VB-59431


  • [Tabs] Add “Alt-click to reopen last closed tab” tooltip to Trash button: middle click also works VB-28989
  • [Tabs] Unable to clone multiple selected tabs VB-58497
  • [Tabs][Regression] Can’t close tab stack from the windows panel, not with the button, nor the right-click menu. VB-59341


  • [Themes] Scheduled themes UI selection issue VB-60416


  • [Windows] Update Notifier icon has empty context menu VB-53436
  • [Windows][Linux][Settings][Keyboard] Switch the default shortcut for Settings to Ctrl+F12 VB-60305


  • [Linux] Proprietary media and Widevine are not installed for users with a poor internet connection VB-60547
  • [Linux] Update Widevine to 4.10.1582.1 and proprietary media support to 78.0.3904.X VB-59903


  • [macOS] Too many window-tiling options displayed in window menu under Catalina VB-58755


  • [Sound] Permissions to allow microphone access aren’t being saved VB-59566
  • [Sound] Reopening tab results in incorrect muting VB-56449
  • [Sound] “Ask” is invisible in the sound permission popup VB-59326
  • [Start page] Focus stolen from before unload dialog opener VB-59225
  • [Crash] Crash on startup with old prefs/profile VB-60338
  • [Crash][Regression] Changing UI zoom while having undocked dev tools for UI open causes crash VB-60315
  • [Regression] Hang opening a background tab from a pinned tab when action would create a Tab Stack VB-57575
  • [Regression] Popup window doesn’t close by window.close VB-59999
  • [Regression] Tab thumbnail doesn’t get updated until you visit/open/close another tab VB-59669
  • [Regression] Tabs don’t get detached when dropped inside the window VB-60807
  • [Regression] getDisplayMedia doesn’t work VB-61112
  • [Regression][Panels] Floating panel + tabs positioned on the left side causes issues VB-59415
  • A new tab opened from with “no images” set should inherit “no images” VB-12945
  • Long file names make save dialog unreadable VB-60439
  • No warning before closing a window if exit confirm is off VB-54151
  • Upgraded Chromium to 79.0.3945.94


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